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Is cancer a blood disease?
  No, though cancer cells may move through the blood stream to another part of the body. Cancer can however develop in certain tissues. which form the blood cells.
Is cancer contagious or infectious?
  No. since cancer is not caused by a germ, it is not 'catching', and cannot be transmitted from one person to another.
How many kinds of tumors are there?
  There are two kinds of tumors - malignant and benign. A benign tumor is more common, and is generally harmless. It doesn't grow beyond a certain limit. and it doesn't spread to other parts of the body. A malignant tumor on the other hand, never stops growing and can spread to other parts of the body. Cancer is the name given to a malignant growth.
What is the difference between normal and cancerous growth?
  There are billions of cells in the human body. Normally, they grow in a well-regulated pattern. When cancer sets in, group of cells suddenly start multiplying haphazardly and forms a lump or "tumor"
Is pain an early symptom of cancer?
  No, except in a cancer involving bone or nerve tissue. Pain usually is a late symptom and when it occurs, the growth is often far advanced.
Why should cancer be diagnosed and treated early?
  The sooner it is found it is less likely to have spread to other parts of the body. Early cancers can be cured.
How long is it safe to wait before consulting a physician?
  Any delay is dangerous. Go at once to a doctor and ask for a thorough examination.
Why are periodic examinations necessary?
  The earlier a cancer is treated the greater the chance of a cure. Through periodic examinations, cancer may be detected in its early stages, before the individual has noticed any sign or symptom in himself.
What comprises a thorough cancer check-up?
  Careful inspection of the entire bo dysurface, heart, blood vessel and lung examinations. Examination by sight and touch of accessible organs, such as the mouth, nostrils, ears, throat, chest, breasts, womb and rectum. Examination of stomach and intestines by X- ray or ultra sound when indicated, microscopic examination of blood, and any suspected tissue. In women, special examination of the breasts and annual pap smear. Other examinations as indicated, such as of. the eye, bladder and prostate by appropriate' methods.
Is the check-up painful?
  The check-up takes half an hour and is completely painless. You do not need to phone and get an appointment.
What is mammography?
  Mammography is a special X-ray examination of the breast tissues.
What is a pap smear?
  The Papanicolaou Test, (or pap smear) is in fact a microscopic examination of the cells exfoliated from the uterus and cervix.
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